Sister team Mary and Helen started their Real Estate Careers in 2005. Working through market and economy variances, they continued working hard and tirelessly to serve their clients in the best way possible. Their clients and public quickly noticed them for being trustworthy, conscientious and authentic.  They can be relied upon to get the job done in the best and most efficient manner.  As their client base continued to grow so did their desire to maintain their quality of work. Expanding their team was the next natural step. This amazing team helps maintain that quality of excellence that so many have grown to expect.  The team members were hand-selected, and together they have proven to be a dynamic and energetic force.  Each member has her own special qualities and knowledge and together prove to be unstoppable! 

They strive to give the best possible service to every single client. Their consistent growth and success are in direct correlation to the amazing clients that continue to support and refer them. 

The team is extremely grateful and appreciative for every single referral and repeat client! 

Thank you so much and hope to serve you soon! 

Team Mary & Helen

  • Mary Thibault
    Mary Thibault
    Mary became a licensed Real Estate Broker together with her sister Helen in 2005.  Mary has a natural and strong connection with seniors who are considering a transition from house to retirement living. Upon your first meeting with Mary, it is evident by her sincerity & empathy along with her passion & pride for her work that that is what attracts people to her. Her previous experience in the Law Industry as Office Manager/Financial Services has further contributed to her successful career. Her hard-work and determination to do the best job for you is what drives her!
  • Helen Tsakalos
    Helen Tsakalos
    Real Estate Broker
    Helen Tsakalos INC
    Helen became a Real Estate Broker along with her sister Mary in 2005. Her aim is to provide a refreshing and enjoyable approach to Real Estate. She puts her clients’ needs first and provides a peace of mind that everything will be taken care of from the beginning to the end.  As a Montreal native, she has lived in the city and its suburbs her entire life and can share her knowledge. In addition to having a Real Estate license, Helen is a graduate of Vanier College with a D.E.C. in Architectural Technology.  Her knowledge in Architecture adds tremendous value and insight during the buying and selling process and gives her clients comfort in having access to that extra information. Helen runs her business and her life with the simple principles: honesty, integrity, respect, loyalty, gratitude and fairness.  These principles are the cornerstone of her beliefs and character. Her compassion and care are as authentic as she is !
  • Bola Ghattas
    Bola Ghattas
    Residential Real Estate Broker

    Bola Ghattas has always been interested in Real Estate and in 2019 he made the decision to make real estate this his full-time career. A lifelong resident of the West-Island, he is very knowledgeable of the area’s qualities. He doesn’t only serve the West Island, his knowledge of the Greater Montreal area is quite extensive and works in many regions.

    He is hardworking, dedicated and very trustworthy.  All of Bola’s clients make an immediate connection with him.  He has an excellent rapport with his clients, and they feel instantly at ease with him and going through the buying process together.  He is always available to address any concerns or questions.  His youthful enthusiasm is great, and you will enjoy working with him.

    Bola’s main goal is to provide exceptional service and to leave his clients wanting to share their experience with their friends and family, so that they can also enjoy the same level of service.

    When work is done, Bola will make time for friends and family too.  He is an avid soccer player, and you will find him on the field a few times a week.  Of course, the beach is his favourite escape, when possible.  He also makes time to help and volunteer in his community and church. 

    Bola is fully satisfied when he knows that he has done the best possible job for his clients and has provided excellent service.  Choosing to work with Bola will be one of the best decisions you can make when buying a property!

  • Mary Thibault Mary Thibault
  • Helen Tsakalos Helen Tsakalos
  • Bola Ghattas Bola Ghattas

To Serve You Better

  • Dorota Milewska
    Dorota Milewska
    Administrative Assistant
    T: 514 834-5119
    Dorota began her Real Estate career in 2004. After years working as a licensed broker, Dorota decided to transition into the administrative side of Real Estate. Her real estate knowledge and desire to do exceptional work have proven to be a huge asset to Team Mary & Helen. As team Manager and Administrator, she performs her duties efficiently and her attention to details is invaluable. Dorota has a huge heart and her philanthropic and missionary work to Uganda and Africa has impacted and changed many lives, including her own.
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